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If Offsite Server Hosting is right for you, what options do you have, and how do you choose from them?

by Tim Lawrence | Mar 22, 2018

When you start outgrowing your current IT infrastructure and require a more robust system, Dorchester has multiple solutions for all the demands and budgets.


We have previously discussed Cloud Servers as an option and this time we are looking at the option of co-locating Servers to an Offsite Data Centre. Data Centres provide space in their specially designed rooms to setup and run servers with a high level of stability and reliability. You still retain complete control over all your equipment and are still responsible for the hardware and general maintenance. You can also decide what to put into this space as well. Some users put in a NAS as data storage for backups, servers to be used as a backup in High Availability arrangements, or to run their primary infrastructure for their day-to-day operations. There are two main reasons for utilising Data Centres – Disaster Recovery and the speed/stability of the internet connection.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery can be maintained with local hard drives, Cloud storage, and with offsite storage. Local hard drives require designated user(s) to constantly take the latest backup offsite to ensure offsite disaster recovery is maintained. Simple user error can be the difference between having a backup or nothing at all. Both Cloud storage and Data Centres will just keep a backup of files, while the offsite disaster recovery will retain complete server images, which can retrieve both files as well as recover the entire server in the case of a virus or a major failure.


Data security is also a major factor to take into account. Cloud servers do their own scans for illegal content and viruses and are subject to foreign government court orders as well.


Stability and Speed

Even with the NBN rolling out around Australia, there is a lucky dip of how close you are to the interconnecting point. This will determine the speed and reliability of the internet. Sites with remote offices or a large number of Teleworkers can be hampered by poor internet connectivity. Data Centres offer high internet speeds with generous data allocations that allow much better connectivity at a much cheaper rate than getting the NBN to bring in a Fibre connection to the building. Data Centre’s sole purpose is to run 24/7 without issue and have backup generators/internet connections in place and are able to offer a 99.95% uptime guarantee.


In short, if you have 50 people working on a good internet connection with a robust backup solution and only one person is remote, then offsite is most likely not the right solution for them. For everyone else, Office Server locations are an option, so contact Dorchester for any question or queries you may have.

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