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Apps to increase your productivity

by Marl Eugenio-Gabriel | Mar 22, 2018

With more and more productivity software and applications popping up, we tend to spend more time searching for the right one than being genuinely productive. Here is a list of Apps we think can help you stay on track and accomplish all your goals.


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook still holds the benchmark for usefulness. Outlook has plenty of hidden features or tricks that can save time, help us work efficiently, synchronise work and sometimes life outside of work. Let us share with you some of our favourite Outlook tips: Quick Parts can spare you from repeatedly typing standard passages or emails. Just save the text in Quick Parts Gallery, then in the future when you start typing the phrase, it will list as a suggestion. It can deliver an email at a later date, if you do not want to send it immediately. Outlook can also group emails into conversations so that a single click shows all related messages together. There are more impressive features in Outlook, but that is for you and me to explore.



Isn't it embarrassing when we have typos and grammar mistakes? This tool will help you proof-read your work before you share it with others. It also assists you in identifying possible solution and explanations for errors. Grammarly helped me compose this blog post.


Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is considered a necessity. Three of the bests are Google Drive, which is best for Google die-hards, OneDrive, for Microsoft Office Pros and Dropbox, which I believe is the best all-round. Google Drive and OneDrive, for example, are deeply integrated into their respective ecosystems. Dropbox is your all-purpose, reliable storage option for everything else. It is a free agent that makes Cloud storage super accessible, regardless of what application you're on. You can use it to store any file type, share those with others and sync local files.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking

A speech recognition software will always be handy for multi-taskers. Dragon NaturallySpeaking does the trick exceptionally. The latest version of the app also now supports the built-in microphones installed on most laptops instead of just external mics, and you can dictate directly to significant web browsers. Plus, you can finally speak your Tweets, Facebook status and blog posts instead of having to type them. Dragon gives you back time that you would have spent typing.


Genius Scan

Scanning, but too busy to operate your Multifunction Printer? Not to worry, Genuis Scan gets you. Last on the list is a personal document scanner, using your Android or iOS device. Merely snap your receipts, contracts or any other essential documents. This app will then convert your snaps to a high definition PDF or JPEG. Perspective and colour correction are automatically applied and a batch mode helps you quickly capture multi-page documents.


If your working day is full of distractions, consider these apps to improve your output.

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