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How virtual reality software is being used by businesses

by Jason Fletcher | Mar 22, 2017

Virtual reality has been tried and tried again time after time, but we are finally at a stage where technology is allowing this to be a reality. With devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC vive, Samsung gear and Google Daydream, the time might have finally come where businesses can start to look at virtual reality and ask the big question - How can I use this in my business?

A few industries are already starting to do this and are implementing systems within their company that allow them to use virtual reality in new and unique ways.

One such industry that is starting to embrace virtual reality is the healthcare industry. For example allowing surgeons to test run highly technical and sensitive surgeries before they operate on a patient. We are also seeing psychiatrists using virtual reality to assist them within therapy in order to treat social anxieties or phobias.

One of the other industries that seems to have jumped on board with virtual reality is the automotive industry.  Ford has started to us the Oculus Rift in order to be able to look at high definition renderings of the interiors and exteriors of their cars. They have even added props to the simulation. For example they have a flashlight that allows them to simulate the experience of looking around a car in the dark. This isn’t just fun and games for Ford though - by doing this it actually allows them to get a head start on the product development process without having to wait for a physical prototype of a new model.

Audi has also mentioned that they are planning on doing something very similar but the one difference is that Audi is targeting the consumer. By allowing potential customers to have an in-depth look at the cars as this gives them the ability to customize not just the colour but also the electronics.

Another industry which could benefit from virtual reality is skilled trades. For example virtual reality can be used to help train welders.

The above are just a few examples of how virtual reality is currently being used. Virtual reality is still relatively new, and as time goes on we are only going to see it used more and more in businesses. If you want to have an edge over your competitors then maybe now is the time to start thinking about how you could use virtual reality in your industry.

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