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Cloud, Onsite & Hybrid solutions – let us help you choose

by Nick Holcombe | Feb 16, 2016

Over the last 25 years we have seen many buzzwords come and go in the computer industry. Y2K, the .com boom et cetera et cetera. Call me skeptical, but on each occasion our stance has been to look for the substance under the buzzword disguise. And on many occasions, the substance was not there which has been proven in time.

Hence, when we hear blanket statements and a lot of IT marketing hype about Cloud computing being the only way to go for all businesses, or vice versa, that there is no room for Cloud for businesses, our skeptical ears are pricked. Some take the view that if you do not embrace certain technologies then you are old fashioned – that change for change’s sake is always good. However, not all new technologies (whilst often technically impressive) are necessarily more appropriate than traditional technologies. As an aside, ironically, in the case of Cloud, we have all been using it in various guises for decades anyway – and moving to an extreme example, to those of us who were around at the time, similarities can be seen between the old centralised data processing bureaus and Cloud.

The key to making the right selection is to analyse the pros and cons for each case, as with all technologies. Cloud is fantastic for certain applications, but in some cases on premises infrastructure will be the most efficient choice. Increasingly, a hybrid of the two strands will provide the optimum solution. As time goes on and conditions change, the best choice of solution can change as well. It is worth considering medium term upcoming changes when making the selection of technology to make sure your solution doesn’t become dated in the short term. The analysis should also take into account upfront costs – as well as ongoing costs. The outcome of a comparison of the totals of both the upfront costs and the ongoing costs may come as a surprise as some solutions are clearly better financial value than others.

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