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Is your website mobile friendly? If not, it should be.

by Ella Collings | Mar 23, 2015

Google has issued an ultimatum to all websites that are not ‘responsive’ - or in other words not friendly to mobile phones and tablet devices. 

You would have noticed whilst browsing the web that some websites are designed with a mobile or tablet site, and others you have to spend hours pinching and dragging the website around just to find a phone number! Well, Google are now pretty much making it mandatory to have your website be responsive, they have said it will have 
‘a significant impact on search results’ if it’s not. 

This is so that they can ensure the quality of the websites they are populating on any given search term, and ensure that browsers searching from their mobile phone or tablet are able to use the site effectively without getting frustrated. 

Whether or not you’re an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist or not, you know it’s important for Google to find your website and show it to people trying to find you or your business. And now that we know mobile-friendliness will be a more important ranking factor and will affect Google searches, it’s important, if not necessary, you ensure your website is responsive. 

To find out if your website is responsive or not, you can quickly visit this link and enter in your website URL. 

If it’s not, get in touch with Dorchester, we can help you to update your site to ensure you maintain (and even better!) your current Google ranking. 

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