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NBN Update

by Tim Lawrence | Nov 30, 2016
The National Broadband Network (NBN) is starting to expand its roll out to city areas and will be soon affecting some of our customers. Whilst fixed wireless plans with NBN have been around for a while and mostly available to the rural areas around Inverell, Fibre to the Node (Fibre to the Street) is the replacement service for users that have an ADSL service. 

Areas north of the Newport Rugby Club and a number of locations in the Tweed Coast area have started the build process and are expected to be completed within the next 4 months. Your internet provider should be in contact with you about the changes required to help you migrate from your current service to the new system. The two main things to change in the migration will be the monthly fee and what you get for that fee. For people who have an “On-Net” plan with companies like TPG or iiNet, there will most likely be an increase in monthly fees. With people who are “Off-Net” or with Telstra, there should be a reduction in monthly cost for a better service. 

The most significant change with the move to NBN is that there will be an additional speed to choose from. 

Currently, there are two speeds that are offered, ADSL1 which is up to 8/0.5mbps and ADSL2+ which is up to 22/1mbps at the fastest rate they can give you. People over 4kms away from the telephone exchange may have chosen ADSL2+ but still would have 4mbps speeds due to the distance. 

With the NBN, each ‘node’ will service about 50 -200 premises which will result in a much faster service as the connection will be much closer than a large exchange based per suburb. There will be three speed offerings to choose from; Slow (12/1mbps), Normal (25/5), & Fast (100/40). While these are maximum speeds, they should be more realistic than current advertised speeds and support a much better upload than ever was available before. 

The NBN network does use different technology than previously and will require a new modem. Most internet providers will provide a new modem at no cost on a 24-month plan, however there will be a number of business customers who will already have a modem which can work on the new technology or that will require a better modem than what is offered by the ISP. Dorchester Computing can help with your modem and can also review your internet and network requirements and recommend the best plan to get based upon your current usage. Once the NBN is connected and you find that you require more speeds than what is provided, an additional form can be completed and submitted to NBN to upgrade your service to a Fibre network. This process is not cheap at $660 just in application and design fees however the end result can definitely be worth the investment. 

Click here to view the latest on your suburb.

Northern Beaches, Sydney:
Brookvale – Build has commenced in parts of Brookvale
Manly – NBN available in very small areas of Manly
Avalon Area – Due 30 Sept 2016
Whale Beach – Due Nov 2016
Bilgola Area – Due 23 Sept 2016


Tweed Heads:

Two areas below: Due Dec 2016

Tweed Heads South: 
Still in design phase for both areas – no physical work completed – started Aug 15.

Pottsville, Cabarita Beach, Bogangar, Hastings Point:
All one area apparently, still in design phase – started Dec 15.

Started and estimated to be completed by the 1st half of 2017.

Inverell & Moree:
Started and estimated to be completed in 2nd half of 2017.

Estimated to start in the 1st half of 2017 and completed by the 2nd half of 2017.
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