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Things to know before upgrading to Office 2016

by Tim Lawrence (Kingscliff Office) | Feb 16, 2016

Microsoft Office has been offering a subscription service for a while now and we have seen a large uptake of people taking advantage of the cheaper pricing and offerings they are giving with the subscriptions. One of these offerings is access to the new Office version as soon as it comes out. While we recommend keeping computers and software up to date, we have found that the majority of software companies do take some time to catch up to Microsoft’s releases. This can cause some incompatibilities and random issues that weren’t seen before.

For any users that are using a program that sends email through Outlook or has any other links with Office (this includes MYOB, Quickbooks, Leap, etc.), we recommend holding off the Office 2016 upgrade for a few months, to let them test and iron out all the issues. While we still have the ability to go back to Office 2013, in some cases this might not be the case and we may have to spend a bit of time trying to undo the upgrade. We have also identified that any Office running a 2007 version of Exchange or SBS 2008 will find that Office 2016 will no longer work with their software. Our technicians can advise you of your current software and any potential conflicts there may be.

Users have also reported issues with the ability to drag and drop multiple attachments within Outlook. Microsoft have advised that they hope to address this in a future software update.

Not sure if you should upgrade to Office 2016? Feel free to contact our friendly team at Dorchester Computing.

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