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Proof your business from an IT disaster!

by David Gladman | Nov 26, 2015

Nobody needs IT support until there’s a problem, right?

Maybe not. If you don’t have a dedicated IT team with maintenance plans and monitoring, then chances are you are missing indicators that there is an issue just over the horizon. Even large firms with IT teams ask us to double check their systems to ensure they are operating as they should, not just as they did last week.

Dorchester Computing doesn’t concentrate only on responding and fixing IT and computer problems—we also focus heavily on
preventing problems from happening in the first place!

Proactive maintenance is a key part of Dorchester’s philosophy towards IT support. For many years we have tailored the best plans for our customers to prevent an IT problem before it becomes an issue for the business. This service was initially focused mainly on corporate businesses but has become something that many customers are realizing is appropriate for them. A stitch in time saves nine.

This proactivity can play out in many ways. For example, if a hard drive or the back-ups are failing we would pick this up early, notify & act to reduce exposure.

We also use the aid of monitoring software to pick up looming issues before they become a problem, or problems if they eventuate, often without the customer even becoming aware of the issue.
Example areas that will be checked;

  • Physical server health checks
  • System health checks
  • Check backup logs
  • Check disk space
  • Check virus protection
  • Check performance on server & systems
  • Proactive technical system reviews and capacity planning

Proactive maintenance can easily be included in your support, and generally we have three approaches to your support;

Level 1 – Time and materials with no proactive maintenance
Level 2 – Time and materials with proactive maintenance
Level 3 – Fixed price consultancy with proactive maintenance

We’ve found our customers who engage us for proactive maintenance services achieve higher uptimes with fewer service interruptions. Talk to your Dorchester Computing representative if you want to find out more.

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