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10 tips to get more out of your computer's memory

by James Cooper | Mar 16, 2015
1. Some people say deleting old photos & files will make your computer run faster but this is a myth! Your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a storage location like a filing cabinet. 

2. If you click Start then Right click Computer and choose Properties it should say “System Type: 64-bit Operating System”. If it doesn’t, then you need a new computer. Unless it is 64-bit then the Random Access Memory (RAM) is limited to 4GB maximum & your computer will seem slow. RAM is like your desk. The more RAM then the more files you can have open at the same time. The less RAM, the slower it will seem. 

3. If your computer is more than 5 years old then the Central Processing Unit (CPU) probably seems slow & a new computer would be best. 

4. Some programs claim to speed up your PC but these programs can cause major problems. Avoid them & take the computer to a professional! 

5. Your computer should have one antivirus program only. If it has more than one it will seem slow. If it does not have any antivirus program then put one on as you may have viruses! 

6. In the bottom right corner of your screen near the date and time is an area called the System Tray. Icons in this area are what the computer is thinking about most. This area should show your antivirus program. Some other icons for display & sound may also be good to have there. Well known programs like Dropbox & Skype may be here and ok if you use them. Other programs in this area may not be needed & might be uninstalled if not needed. If in doubt, ask a professional. 

7. Some people say doing a defrag will make the computer faster but this is a myth. XP Onwards took care of this for you. If you defrag when your drive has bad sectors then the computer may not start! The defrag supporters didn’t mention that did they .. 

8. If you click Start > All Programs > Startup & see some unnecessary items then you could move them to the desktop so they do not start up every time. 

9. Some people say emptying your trash will make the computer faster but unfortunately, this is a myth. The trash/recycle bin is usually a folder on the HDD which is a storage location. 

10. Ask us about a new computer, laptop or tablet with minimum 64-bit operating system and a Solid State Drive (SSD)!!! 

11. (Bonus!) If you have Windows 7 you can click Start > Control Panel > View By: Small Icons > Backup and Restore then set up backup to an large capacity external drive (a good idea!). If it says there isn’t enough free space then you can click Manage Space every month or so to keep the most recent backups & remove older backups so you will get recent backups again. For all users, it is good to have 2 copies of your important information. Usually 1 copy on your internal drive & 1 copy on an external drive.

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