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Meet our in-house Programming Team

by Charina Warne | Mar 22, 2017

Mark Yang – Senior IT Consultant & Programmer

Mark is one of the few programmers in the world who is also a high end systems consultant. This is an asset, in that he understands the hardware and operating system on which the program sits, as well as being able to create the program which runs upon it. But this isn’t the key factor which makes him so proficient. Mark has the ability to analyse the business requirements for the program so that the solution he creates actually goes to the core of what is required. This makes the solution work for the business.

Unparalleled in his IT expertise, Mark holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Missouri University, and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Mark has over 30 years of consulting in the industry.

3 tips for any business thinking about getting customised software built for them.

1. Check to see if there is a software package already on the market that could be suitable.
2. Ensure that you get value out of your new software. A custom program may cost you $10,000

but it may save you $30,000 in increased efficiency and productivity.

3. Work out a clear plan on what you want to get out of your custom software and always go with a trusted and reliable company.

Jason Fletcher

Jason Fletcher – IT Technician & Programmer

Jason is our helpdesk technician and programming whiz. With a strong programming background he is currently studying for his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (specialising in Programming). Jason also has strong systems support ability and very sharp problem solving skills. Jason has a quiet and thoughtful nature, and is very patient and kind with our clients

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