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Meet our Sales expert, Marl Eungeio

by Charina Warne | Nov 30, 2016
Tell me about your role at Dorchester?
I handle the Hardware and Software Department. This covers the queries we receive from our clients, preparing quotes and proposals, ordering, tracking and ensuring a technician has completed the installation. I also handle our after Sales support where I assist clients lodging the warranty repair/replacement cases through the manufacturer for their convenience. I also monitor the ongoing and potential projects for Dorchester and help the team with scheduling and phone calls. 

What is it about IT that you love? 
IT is one of the things that I’d consider as immortal – never ending growth. It is something that always surprises me with the latest inventions we never thought possible. It is innovation and new discoveries every 5-10 years which differentiates each generation from the other.  

What is one of your favourite things about working with Dorchester? 
I learn new things form my mentors and IT consultants every day, literally and figuratively speaking. More than anything, we are a family. 

If you could be a celebrity for a day who would you choose? 

I’d like to be Angelina Jolie for a day because of her dedication and care for children and women’s wellbeing.

Tips for businesses looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure. 
Keeping in pace with technology is a worthy long term investment. Sounds costly, but a business will not regret it. 

What do you like doing when you’re not working? 
I often read books before going to bed. In my idle times, I communicate with my family back in the Philippines. Thanks to technology, there are video calls and free messaging now.  

Favourite Food? 
It is a Filipino delicacy called “Kare Kare”!  It’s a beef stew in a peanut butter sauce with leafy vegetables, pumpkin and eggplant. It is served with shrimp paste on the side. 

What is the last book that you read or TV show that you watched? 
The last book I read was “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks for the ninth time, my all-time fave. 
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