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Meet Hugh Holland our IT Consultant from Inverell

by Charina Warne (Sydney Office) | Sep 26, 2016
How long have you been working with Dorchester Computing?
Almost 9 years. I started in September 2007.

What excites you about your role? 
Gaining a deep understanding of how systems work. If one understands the principle of how systems work, then it helps in solving problems. I also like setting up new server systems from scratch. Again, this creates a deep understanding of function and possible causes if problems arise.

Where do you see technology going in the next 10 or 20 years? 
The world is getting smaller every day. Communication is becoming easier and much less expensive. We are moving inexorably towards a cashless society and information is becoming ever more available and portable with the advent of “Smart” hand held devices. Internet speeds will become much faster and the infrastructure will become such that there will no longer be a need for people to cram into already over populated cities. 

If you could be any person for a day who would you choose? 
Mark Yang (insert to Mark’s bio). I would love to see inside his brain. He is so clever yet makes things appear to be so simple.

Where’s your favorite holiday destination? 
I don’t really have one. Anywhere with a good beach and small crowds. I love overseas travel and hope to do more in the years to come.

Top tip for businesses wanting to stay pro-active with their IT?
Closely follow the directions of a company like Dorchester Computing. We don’t make recommendations for fun. Good power supply, good data backup and good, up to date security software. Pay a bit up front and enjoy years of inexpensive, trouble-free IT. Don’t skimp on quality. This applies to all things.

What is the most common thing clients ask you? 
I regularly get asked about email related issues. Emails not arriving at their expected destination, expected emails not arriving and the like. Often these issues can be due to simple things like typing in an incorrect address. Other things like Malware on local networks can cause a client’s IP address to be “Blacklisted”, or, a Mail Server service not running for any one of a number of reasons. I get asked lots of other things but email issues would definitely top the list.
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