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Meet Mark Yang, our Senior IT Consultant from Sydney

by Charina Warne & Mark Yang | Apr 26, 2016
What do you enjoy most about IT?

I enjoy helping people with their IT. I also like having access to the new technology and then bringing that knowledge to our clients.

What do you like doing when you’re not working?

Fishing, camping and spending time with my beautiful wife and two daughters.

Tell us a bit about the recent programming project that you have been working on for a company based in Papua New Guinea?

Our client needed help with their management system that handles their coffee trading and processing. There was nothing in the market that could do this type of thing, so we helped them shape and update their existing software to match their current needs. As their company grows, we are able to assist in customising their software to keep up with their needs. As this client is based in Papua New Guinea nearly all communication was completed by email. We could also access their server remotely to complete the updates. 

3 tips for any business thinking about getting customised software built for them?

1. Check to see if there is a package software already on the market that could be suitable
2. Ensure that you get value out of your new software. A custom program may cost you $10,000 but it may save you $30,000 in increased efficiency and productivity
3. Work out a clear plan on what you want to get out of your custom software and always go with a trusted and reliable company

What’s the most common IT problem that you see on a client’s IT system?

Backups are the most important thing to have but is the most unreliable thing from my point of view. Generally technology is so dynamic and changing so fast that the backup processes are struggling to keep up. The volume of the data is also growing rapidly and can cause problems as it takes a long time to backup now.
Virus infections are the biggest challenge that the IT world is facing at the moment. Viruses are getting better at disguising themselves, not just by emails but you can also be trapped via internet browsers. This is why having a DR plan in place is so important. 

What is your favorite food and drink?

Anything seafood, oysters & beer (Craft)

What was your dream job when you were a child?

Civil Engineer. I started doing this but decided I liked IT better so I swapped over to that field. IT is more creative.
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