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by Nick Holcombe | May 26, 2015

What do I love about IT?

Last Sunday, I quipped and not for the first time, “The future has arrived.” The feeling was inspired by the ease with which I was able to communicate with a friend in Singapore from a public transport bus via the, now taken for granted, means of sms.

The fact that as a child, we had difficulty making a successful telephone call from our “party line” telephone in the country, to my grandmother 700kms away, serves as a good contrast.

They are but elements of the beginnings of the digital revolution. We are told we are really at the beginning of the digital revolution. I feel certain we won’t see it end, unless the world does first.

I have loved the ability to be able to solve mathematical questions so easily – since the day I first got to use an early calculator. I recall being fascinated by the images of computer printouts solving some massive problem in a school play. I recall wanting to join my maths teacher to get access to the one computer at secondary school. I recall getting into a computer lab at Uni and losing days writing programs.

Nowadays, we can find out nearly anything by using a smartphone. We can organise our lives with the swipe of a finger. To me it is the increasingly effortless acquisition of knowledge that makes it so exciting, and I will always adore it. 

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